King Felipe and Queen Letizia welcomed Youngsters at Palace

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Don Felipe and Doña letizia at a time of the meeting held at the Palacio de La Zarzuela with young talents

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain welcomed a group of youngsters at the Royal Palace of Zarzuela in Madrid for the open discussion. The group involved talented young men and women from the fields of research, technology, business, culture and society.

Felipe and Letizia at the palace

The group discussed COVID-19 and its impact on the various fields of life in Spain and what is its vision for the future. Eight young people, four women and four men born between 1984 and 1994 have participated in the dialogue.

Queen Letizia joined the youngsters for a group discussion

During the gathering, King Felipe addressed the group and said, ‘There is a strength that we must put much more value on, there is a need for engagement and new messages and I believe that youth, with your preparation and willingness, are one of the fundamental elements for this new recovery and energy that we need”.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia during the discussion about the Coronavirus

Talking to the group, Queen Letizia said that the way young people see and observe things will bring a positive outcome. Joining the royal couple was Norman Schaar Orive co-founder of Vertical Robot, Arancha Martínez Fernández FDdGi 2018 social award winner, Francisco Javier Gutiérrez Álvarez of CSIC National Biotechnology Center, Mireia Badía CEO and co-founder of, Enrique Riquelme Vives founder of Cox Energy, Lucía Zhu, Pablo González Ruiz de la Torre CEO of Trivu, Teresa Arroyo Gallego Telecommunications engineer.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain during the discussion at the Palace

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Queen Letizia of Spain wore BOSS 'Koralena' Structured Tweed Jacket.
BOSS ‘Koralena’ Structured Tweed Jacket.

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Queen Letizia wore BOSS 'Koralena' Structured Tweed Jacket. with black trouser and Carolina Herrera pumps

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Queen Letizia Carolina Herrera Suede Pumps
Carolina Herrera Suede Pumps

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Queen Letizia diamond bezel studs

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Queen Letizia Karen Hallam Ring

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