Queen Letizia was Gorgeous White and Grey at Forum against Cancer

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Queen Letizia of Spain at the 10th Forum of Cancer

Queen Letizia of Spain presided over the 10th Forum against Cancer, which met on World Cancer Day to analyze the consequences of the pandemic on cancer patients at the Headquarters of the AECC in Madrid. Queen Letizia of Spain is the honorary president of the association.

Queen Letizia at the 10th Forum of Cancer

At the beginning of the forum, Queen Letizia recalled the 2020’s “economic impact on people diagnosed with cancer” and “twelve months and stated that after that meeting the challenge is greater and the need to respond to The situation faced by cancer patients is more urgent than ever.

“We are here to put this matter on the table and to draw the attention of the media, those responsible for the administration, the different social agents, and society in general. , about something that cannot wait: cancer patients are vulnerable and they are even more vulnerable in this pandemic ” – Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia of Spain at the Cancer Forum meeting

The president of the AECC has pointed out the need for Spain to “have an Agreement Against Cancer to eliminate inequities and inequalities because, unfortunately, cancer is the same for everyone, but not everyone is the same when it comes to cancer.” The president also affirmed that “what this pandemic has done has aggravated an already vulnerable situation where cancer, the other silent pandemic, causes an impact on the whole family at a psychological, economic, social, and labor level”.

Queen Letizia of Spain looked elegant at the Cancer Forum meeting

The Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) is the first entity whose honorary presidency was assumed by Queen Letizia and she actively participates in the work of the association, thus recognizing the important work that it has been doing for more than 60 years in the fight against cancer, during which the foundation has led the effort of Spanish society to reduce the impact caused by this disease and improve people’s lives. The AECC integrates patients, families, volunteers and professionals who work together to prevent, raise awareness, support and accompany affected people and finance cancer research projects that will allow a better diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Queen Letizia of Spain Presided over the 10th Forum of Cancer

The origin of the AECC dates back to March 5, 1953, when it was established for the purpose of fighting cancer in all known or future forms, and it was declared a “Public Utility” in April 1970 Structured in 52 Provincial Boards and present in more than 2,000 Spanish towns. The AECC develops its work through its more than 16,000 volunteers and 680 employees under a philosophy of collaboration with health authorities, scientific institutions and those other entities that pursue a purpose analogous to that of association. All this always under the principles of independence, professionalism, transparency and closeness.


The AECC maintains quality oncology research as one of its priority objectives. For this purpose, it constituted its Scientific Foundation on October 25, 1971, in response to the social demand for research against cancer, which finances scientific and social research programs through public competition. These programs are aimed at achieving advances in science to improve the future of sick people and their families and to consolidate a scientific structure in Spain, bringing the achievements made closer to the whole of society.

Queen Letizia wore Nina Ricci grey Twill-Tweed swing coat
Nina Ricci grey Twill-Tweed swing coat

Letizia was looking very gorgeous in white and grey. Queen Letizia of Spain wore her grey Nina Ricci Tweed Swing Coat.

Queen Letizia of spain wore Hugo Boss Banika blouse
Hugo Boss Banika blouse

Underneath the coat, Letizia was wearing her Hugo Boss Banika Pussybow blouse.

Queen Letizia wore Massimo Dutti Checked Wide-leg Trouser
Massimo Dutti Checked Wide-leg Trouser

She paired the blouse with Massimo Dutti Checked Wide-Leg Trousers in Grey.

Queen Letizia of Spain wore Magrit Leather Pumps

Letizia was wearing her black leather Magrit Pumps.

Queen Letizia wore Karen Hallam Signature Ring
Karen Hallam Signature Ring

Her Karen Hallam ring was not missing either.


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