Princess Leonor of Spain received Confirmation

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Princess of Asturias, Leonor, received confirmation at the Parish of the Assumption of Our Lady of Aravaca along with her classmates from Santa Maria de los Rosales school. The ceremony was held at the same church where she made her First Communion in 2015.

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The ceremony was very scaled-down due to the COVID restrictions. King Felipe, Queen Letizia and InfantaSofia attended the ceremony as only immediate families of the students were allowed.

Leonor was wearing a cornflower blue dress that still remains unidentified, but letizia_de_princesa_a_reina on Instagram has an interesting theory that the Dress could be a Felipe Varela design as it matches with Queen Leitiza’s red dress that she wore at the Princess of Asturias Awards in 2019.

Queen Letizia wore red Felipe Varela Dress to Princess of Asturias Awards 2019

A look at Letizia’ Felipe Varela dress.

TPrinces Leonor Carolina Herrera Slinback Pumps
Carolina Herrera Slinback Pumps

Leonor paired the blue dress with neutral Carolina Herrera slingback pumps with kitten heels.

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The 15-years olf Spanish Princess will be coming to the UK this August to study the International Baccalaureate program for two years at the UWC Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Princess will attend the college for two sessions 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 for International Baccalaureate. She will be living at the college accommodation during the tenure of the study. Princess Leonor will attend college in Wales.

Infanta Sofia wore Mango Printed pleated dress
Mango Printed pleated dress

For her sister’s big day, Infanta Sofia wore a Mango Printed pleated dress. The $59.99 is available in all sizes. Thanks to letizia_de_princesa_a_reina for all the outfit ids.

Sofia wore nude Carolina Herrera flat slingback pumps
Carolina Herrera flat slingback pumps

Sofia wore nude Carolina Herrera flat slingback pumps.

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For her part, Queen Letizia chose to dress down for the day as she always does when her daughters are in limelight.

Queen Letizia of Spain wore Maksu Fontana Blouse at the 2021 Military Easter Parade
Maksu Fontana Blouse

Letizia wore Ecru Maksu Fontana Blouse. We first saw the blouse in January this year at the Military Easter. The €154 blouse is described as, “High-quality silk blouse with a closed crew neck and asymmetric placket with contrasting decorative buttons. It is a unique and timeless garment that draws attention not only to its distinctive pattern but also to its fabric”.

Queen Letizia was wearing Bleis Madrid crepe Trousers
Bleis Madrid crepe Trousers

The Queen was wearing Bleis Madrid crepe Trousers. €255 Creased straight cut trousers are still available online.

Queen Letzia wore Isabel Abdo Carrie Suede black pumps
Isabel Abdo Carrie Suede black pumps

Letizia was wearing her Isabel Abdo Carrie Suede black pumps.

Queen Letizia carried her Nina Ricci Arc Clutch
Nina Ricci Arc Clutch

She was carrying her Nina Ricci Arc Clutch.

Queen Letizia wore diamond bezel studs

Letizia chose her diamond stud earrings and

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