The Duchess of Cambridge's Asprey London Jewels

The Duchess of Cambridge owns some really beautiful pieces from British label Asprey London. The label is part of Catherine’s pre-wedding wardrobe. Founded in 1781, Asprey is a British retailer of jewellery, leather, silver and other luxury goods.

Asprey London Woodland Charm Necklace

The Label got its first Royal Warrant in 1862 from Queen Victoria for Dressing Cases, Travelling Bags, and Writing Cases.and since then it has been the continuous holder of the British Royal Warrant.  In 1925 Her Majesty Queen Mary commissioned a pearl necklace, which was later given to  Princess Margaret on her 18th birthday in 1948. Asprey held a Royal Warrant for Queen Elizabeth II as Jewellers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.