The Royal Wardrobe

Welcome to the impressive and extensive wardrobe of Catherine, The Princess of Wales and Letizia, The Queen of Spain. On this page, you will find elements of the Royal Wardrobe. Dresses, Coats, Tops, Skirts, and Pants worn by Catherine. Her shoe, handbags, and jewel collection. Various Accessories we have seen topping her royally elegant looks. This Page also documents the jewel collection of Queen Letizia.

Click on the Princess’s Wardrobe to explore Catherine’s Closet and Queen Letizia’s Wardrobe to explore her Jewel collection, then the particular item of that element of the wardrobe. Click on the Build Your Own Wardrobe to get your own Royal look.

The Wardrobe of the Princess of Wales Catherine
The Princess of Wales’s wardrobe

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