Alexander McQueen White Lace Dress


The Duchess of Cambridge wore an Alexander McQueen White Lace Dress in March 2022 on the last day of the Jamaica tour.

Embed from Getty Images

The mid-length lace dress featured a tailored silhouette with a squared neckline, puffed sleeves at the shoulder seams, a center-back vent with a self-belt waistline.

Embed from Getty Images

A closer look at the fabric and neckline.

Embed from Getty Images

Interesting thought about the dress was that it looks exactly like the white lace dress Her Majesty The Queen wore in Australia in 1954. The @RoyalWikipedia on Twitter shared this comparison and it makes me think that The Duchess, her stylish Natasha, and Alexander McQueen head Sarah Burton definitely would have looked at some Royal archives while planning for the tour wardrobe.


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