Cornelia James Imogen gloves


Catherine has  Cornelia James Imogen gloves in her wardrobe since 2011. She has them in both black and brown colours. The £75  gloves are described as, :A wrist length glove made in pure merino wool, ‘Imogen’ is a glove which is dear to our hearts and a glove which will take you anywhere.  It’s practical enough to be an ‘everyday’ glove – robust, warm and delightfully comfortable. But the bow that we have cunningly insinuated into the cuff adds a touch that makes this glove perfect for special occasions.  It will turn any event into an occasion and it will make you feel special. If you are thinking of buying your first pair of ‘proper’ gloves, then this is the glove for you”.

Duchess of Cambridge wearing Cornelia James Imogen gloves in black and brown

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