G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite Earrings and Pendant Necklace


The Duchess of Cambridge was seen wearing G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite Earrings & Pendant Necklace first time at a Commemoration service for Afghanistan in 2015.

G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite Necklace
G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite Necklace/Royal Family

The set features an inverted pear-shaped 6.3-carat tanzanite pendant, surrounded by .87 carat of diamonds, set in platinum and matching earrings. The earrings can be worn as a diamond stud or a drop as usually, The Duchess wears them.

The Duchess of Cambridge wore G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite Earrings
G. Collins & Sons Tanzanite Earrings/Canadian Heritage Flickr

The company holds the Royal warrant of appointment from Her Majesty the Queen since 2000 so whether the set was a purchase or on loan is not known

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The brand became Crown Jeweler in 2007 and remained the same until 2012. They were the 8th British Crown Jeweller. Before G. Collins and Sons, Gerrard and Co were The Queen’s Jeweller since 1843 for almost 164 years and shared the role with various heads. In 2012 Mappin & Webb became the Crown Jeweller. G.Collins and Sons still have the Royal Warrant.

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