Jonathan Howard Felt Button Hat


Catherine debuted a blue hat in April 2014 during Australia tour at Anzac Day designed by Australian designer Jonathan Howard. The Duchess of Cambridge wore the label’s Boutton hat in blue. The colour of the hat was officially described as ‘Duchess Blue’. Mr Howard was contacted by the Kensington Palace requesting to design the hat.

Jonathan Howard Felt Button Hat
Jonathan Howard Felt Button Hat

The hat was described by the designer as Felt Button Hat with flying bow trim. The brimless navy hat was from label’s racing collection and retailed for A$540.

WhatKateWore in its blog post reported about the story from  the Courier-Mail,

“More than 30 emails were exchanged, finished samples sent to the Palace for consideration and approval, along with colour swatches too,’’ Mr Howard says.

“The colour palette changed several times, with the final colour to be a dark navy blue as seen today.’’

The chosen modern headpiece known as Boutton (and in an appropriately named ‘Duchess Blue’ hue) is on website”

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