Lotus Flower (Papyrus) Tiara


The second tiara of Catherine, The Princess of Wales’s Royal Life was Lotus Flower Tiara also known as Papyrus Tiara.

Dcuhess of cambridge at 2013 Diplomatic Recetption

She wore it at her first Diplomatic Reception in December 2013. The tiara was originally owned by Queen Mother Elizabeth. The Tiara features a lotus flower topped with diamond arches and pearls.

The Duchess of Cambridge's Lotus Flower Tiara

From Order of Splendor’s blog,

Much like the Strathmore Rose Tiara, this was seen on the Queen Mother in her early years as Duchess of York and was subsequently retired from her regular tiara rotation. It was made from one of her wedding gifts, a necklace of a Greek key pattern with pendant diamonds and pearls given by her husband, the future George VI. Garrard dismantled it and created this tiara instead.

Queen Mother Elizabeth I and Princess Margaret wearing Lotus Flower Tiara
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Queen Mother passed the tiara to her younger daughter Princess Margaret in 1959 who wore this often.

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Princess Margaret’s daughter-in-law, Serena Viscountess Linley, wore the tiara at her wedding. After Princess Margaret’s demise, the tiara came back to Queen Elizabeth’s possession. Read more about it here on Order of Splendor’s Blog.

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Tiara came back in 2013 when The Duchess of Cambridge wore it at Diplomatic Reception and again in 2015 at the Chinese State Banquet.

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