Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings


Catherine first wore Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings in July 2017 at Spanish State banquet. The earrings were a gift to Princess of Wales from the company Collingwood (Collingwood was the family jeweller of Spencer Family) on her wedding in 1981 hence the name Collingwood earrings.

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The earrings feature a very sleek and elegant design, a pearl in the shape of a drop hanging from diamond suspenders. Diana first them on her wedding day with her going away outfit. She has worn the earrings famously with Queen Mary’s Lover’s Knot tiara many times. She was last seen wearing them in 1994.

Duchess of Cambridge joined Her Majesty for the Festival of Remembrance
James Whatling/Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Earrings came back almost after 23 years in 2017 at the Spanish Banquet with Lover’s Knot tiara. Since then Catherine has worn them many times including the Centenary of Passchendaele in 2017, 2017 Annual Festival of Remembrance, Queen’s Platinum Wedding Anniversary celebration in 2017, 2017 Diplomatic Receptiona black-tie dinner in Sweden in 2018, 2018 Netherlands State Banquet, 2018 Diplomatic Reception.

Duchess of Cambridge at Diplomatic Reception 2018
The Royal Family

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