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One of the first iconic element of The Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Jewellery Box was the Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring. The Oval ring originally was the engagement ring of Prince William’s Mother Late Princess of Wales, Diana.

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Designed by the former Crown Jeweler Garrard & Co the iconic ring has fourteen solitaire diamonds elegantly surrounding a twelve carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire set in 18-karat white gold and cost £28,000 in 1981.

Kate Middleton, wearing her engagement ring which once belonged to Diana, Princess of Wales, on the day her engagement to Prince William was announced.
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The fun fact is that the ring at the time was not a custom piece and Charles did not have any ring at the time of proposal. Diana chose it later when Gerard was called to present engagement ring samples at the Palace. The ring was later on resized to fit Princess’ finger.

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When Charles and Diana separated, the ring came into Prince Charles’ possession and after their mother’s tragic death in 1997, both Prince William and Prince Harry went to the Kensington Palace with Prince Charles to choose mementoes from their mother’s collection. It was reported that the ring was originally chosen by Prince Harry while Prince William chose yellow gold Cartier Tank Française watch. When William decided to propose both brothers exchanged the mementoes and ring once again became an iconic jewel piece after gracing Catherine’s finger in 2010.

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The ring was again resized in 2010 by Crown Jewellers G. Collins & Sons. Two platinum beads inside the bottom of the ring were placed to keep it secure around Catherine’s finger. Since 2010 the ring has been replicated countless times.

Prince William engagement and Kate Middleton engageent annoucement
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