The Cambridge Pearl Brooch


The Duchess of Cambridge was depicted in the first joint portrait with The Duke of Cambridge by artist Jamie Coreth in June 2022.  In the portrait, the artist showed her wearing The Cambridge Pearl Brooch.

The Duchess of Cambridge, born Princess Augusta of Hesse

Augusta Wilhelmina Louisa, born Princess Augusta of Hesse, was Queen Mary’s grandmother and became The Duchess of Cambridge upon her marriage to Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge who was the tenth-born child and seventh son of King George III. The origin of the Diamond and pearl brooch is not known but Queen Mary inherited the brooch from her Grandmother from where it went to The Queen Elizabeth II’s jewel vault.

The Cambridge Pearl Brooch
The Cambridge Pearl Brooch

The brooch features a large round pearl framed in diamonds with a baroque pearl held by a diamond clasp suspended below and looks pretty common in design. We have never seen the present Duchess of Cambridge wearing this brooch but maybe we will one day as The Queen has worn it many times on various occasions.

The first official joint portrait of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Cambridgeshire Community Foundation/Jamie Coreth

Read more about the beautiful portrait here.

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