Why Do I Love The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, So Much!

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The Duchess of Cambridge Birthday Portrait
Kensington Palace

Talking about why do I Like or Love Catherine so much is easy.

In so many ways I can relate to The Duchess of Cambridge. No, I am not a Duchess neither do I live in a Palace nor I have a lot of wealth, but Catherine’s so much more than that.

Why Do I love Duchess of Cambridge
British Monarchy/Kensington Palace

For many years, I was a fan from afar. I was consistently following William and Catherine, what they did or say but I wasn’t immersed in this Royal watching world like today. I just admired The Duchess of Cambridge and was in love with her love story. I was in love with her life story. I’m sure if I ask a few fans what they love about Catherine, they will say,

I love how down to earth she is, I love her smile, her laugh, her personality, I love how shy she is, I love that she is the Queen of Walkabouts, I love how emphatic she is with kids, I love how committed she is to her causes, I love that she’s a good mom, I love how private she is. I’m sure many others would agree with all this so I will add that I love her hair. And the list does not end here.

Catherine has always been shy. In 2010, after seeing her for nearly a decade with William, we finally heard her voice – in their engagement interview. I think a lot of people can agree that it was one of the things they love about her – as a Royal Girlfriend she never talked. She never said anything, bad or good. And boy, she really had reasons to say something but never did.

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Catherine is a Woman, a Mom, a Wife, and a Duchess. In that order, and I admire her for that. The Duchess of Cambridge has her priorities sorted and if you have been paying attention, I am sure you must have noticed that she has been faithful to that order. So, I would like to talk about exactly why I admire and love The Duchess of Cambridge:

The Duchess of Cambridge at Beating the Retreat Ceremony
Kensington Palace

As a woman: The Duchess is so composed. So unbothered. So sure, of herself. Yes, she’s shy but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know her value or who she is. In one word- The Duchess of Cambridge is Strong.

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I still remember the day, during their Diamond Jubilee Tour of South Asia in 2012, when the photos of Catherine sunbathing emerged in a French magazine. Her privacy was violated, her body was objectified, The Duke and Duchess were in the middle of an important visit, William looked furious but do you remember Catherine’s face?

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The Duchess of Cambridge was calm, she was smiling, she looked gorgeous. Yes, she was definitely furious but she knew they were there to do a job, and they had to do it the Royal Way. I think that day Catherine showed the world the type of woman she is – One that no matter what will not break, at least not in front of everyone. A confident and strong woman even when her world seemed to be falling apart.

The Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Cardiff to launch 5 Big Questions Survey
Heads Together

As a Mom: This is probably Catherine’s favourite role. She loves kids. We can all agree on that. The Duchess of Cambridge has this gift of just getting along with them. To break their shyness, to make them smile but especially to make them feel important. She knows about children’s boundaries, she understands they have choices and respect those choices.

The Duchess of Cambridge launched 5 Big Questions under her Early Years Intervention Project
Kensington Palace

Catherine never assumes a kid wants to shake her hand or give her a hug, she always asks them if they want to do any of those things. And I love that about her. She’s definitely a great mom.

Prince Louis of Cambridge made his debut Balcony Appearance at the Tooping the Colour Parade
BBC Screenshot

We don’t see the Cambridge kids that much (unfortunately) but the few times we have seen her with them we can see how present she is in their life, how dedicated to them she is. Kids are little sponges, they learn by watching their parents act, talk. And Catherine and William are the true role models that are raising three amazing kids.

The Duchess of Cambridge attended royal Variety performance in november 2019
Kensignton Palace

As a wife: Who doesn’t love this Royal Couple? I’m always inventing stories with their photos. They are the human version of the heart eyes emoji. You can literally see their love. The way they act, they are so in tune with each other, it’s impressive! I guess 15+ years with the same person will result in that.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started the day 3 of Royal Visit
Kensington Palace

But I love how supportive she is of William. In the unique role they are, The Duchess of Cambridge understands that he’s the blood royal, so sometimes he will lead and she will follow happily. It’s not demeaning because you will never see them like that, they are equals so sometimes William will lead and sometimes Catherine will. They trust and respect each other as a life partner and that shows in their chemistry.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Iconic Badshahi Mosque in Lahore Pakistan during Royal tour
Kensington Palace

I love how genuinely proud Duchess looks when William is saying something or doing something. Catherine is definitely William’s ground pole. She represents his center of gravity. Catherine is definitely William’s calm, of that, I’m sure. And you can just see how crazy he is about her too.

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I personally love that they are very professional, that they don’t hold hands all the time because the few times they do, it’s like Christmas for us! We all go a little crazy when they show some PDA, I think that makes it special for us.

Prince William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge emerge from Westminster Abbey after the wedding ceremony.
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As a Duchess: She’s just great, isn’t she? The Duchess knows what she is doing. She genuinely seems to love what she does and she definitely does what she loves. Her Yearly Years Intervention Project is proof of that love.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Birkenhead to name RRS Sir David Attenborough
Kensington Palace

We can see that love when she’s talking with someone in any of her engagements, she looks interested in what the person is saying, she is immersed in her causes, she listens to experts, she educates herself every single time she dedicates her time to something. And I’m not saying this as a fan and just repeating what a lot of experts and people who have talked with The Duchess of Cambridge say: she knows her stuff. I’m sure The Queen, Prince Charles, and William are proud of her. The Duchess is an asset.

The Duchess of Cambridge arrived at Victoria and Albert Museum
The Royal Family

The year 2018 was a transformative year, I did notice after Prince Louis’s birthday a mature Duchess. A more mature Catherine. She looks and acts more confident than ever. There is this positive aura around her that radiates happiness and confidence.

The Duke and Duhcess of Cambridge relasedPrince Louis Official Christening Protraits
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I think Catherine reached that point where everything in her life is exactly where she wants it to be. She’s a beautiful woman with beautiful and healthy kids, with a husband who loves and supports her, a family that loves her and she’s doing a job that she loves. She’s helping those she can, she’s concentrating on the little ones and I love that.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with the Tusk Convservation nominees and finalists
Kensington Palace

One thing I noticed about Catherine and even William’s work is that they prefer quality over quantity, their work is more about delayed gratification or about seeing the results in the future rather than now. Everlasting results rather than instant ones.

Why do I love The Duchess of Cambridge
Kensington Palace

I remember something she said in their engagement interview:

I really hope I can make a difference, even in the smallest way. I am looking forward to helping as much as I can.”

And I truly think that for the past almost 9 years, as a member of the British royal family she has been doing exactly that. She doesn’t want to change the world, she wants to help people’s lives so they can change the world together.

The Duke and duchess of Cambridge shared Christmas card1
Air Cadets

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