The Hold Still 2020 – Cancelled

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The Youtube channel of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released another part of the Hold Still 2020 conversation
Kensington Palace

The Youtube channel of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released another part of the Hold Still 2020 conversation. In this part, The Duchess of Cambridge called Niaz Maleknia who send a picture of her daughter holding her A-level document. The picture was named ‘Cancelled’ to reflect the cancellation of in-person classes, proms, graduation and every physical activity in the field of education. The phone call was recorded in Autumn 2020.

About the picture Palace said, ‘With exams, graduations and proms all cancelled due to the outbreaks of Covid-19, Romy, in a photograph taken by her mother Niaz, reminds us of the silent heroes that make up the class of 2020.’ The picture was taken on the day that was supposed to be Romy’s last day of A-level. Romy has been accepted at Standford University in California with an unconditional offer. The Duchess talked to Romy also and asked how she and her friends are coping up with the Mental health and stress of life during the pandemic.

I think it’s so important you know that your mum’s really highlighted how much young people have been affected by lockdown and all of the disruptions that you had with work and with school and everything – The Duchess of Cambridge

Introducing 'Cancelled', the second of a series of telephone calls that The Duchess held with participants from the Hold Still project.
National Portrait Gallery

The 2020 artistic project from the National Portrait Gallery was spearheaded by its Patron The Duchess of Cambridge. The project created a portrait of the nation during the lockdown and will be part of NPG’s archive. Read the whole journey of the Project from its launch in May 2020 here.

To mark the launch of the book, The Duchess of Cambridge, National Portrait Gallery and Book Fairies UK joined hands and organized a nationwide Treasure-Hunt
Kensington Palace

Last week, a book ‘Hold Still’ came out that has 100 final portraits selected by the judging panel. The Duchess of Cambridge and NPG joined hands with Book Fairies UK and organized a day-long nationwide treasure-hunt where Catherine, judges, the photographers behind the 100 final pictures and NPG left the book at various places that gave them hope during the lockdown.


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we can see a series of engagements and activities marking the week. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting the West Midlands this Thursday, the focus of which is how nature can help mental well-being. Thy will be taking part in the Mental Health Minute on Friday.

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