The Prince and Princess of Wales Attended Coronation Rehearsal

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The Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Catherine, with their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis attended the Coronation Rehearsals at Westminster Abbey. The United Kingdom will be hosting the historical event on Saturday where King Charles III will be coronated. The country last saw the coronation in 1952 when Charles’ mother Queen Elizabeth II was coronated at the same venue.

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The Wales family joined King Charles III, Queen Camilla and the coronation party at the Abbey. The London city has been buzzing with military rehearsals, event preparations and tourists. Yours Truly was one of those tourists.

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Prince George is set to have a prominent role in his grandfather’s big day – he will be King Charles’ Page of Honour. Buckingham Palace announced various events and engagements that the Royal Family will be attending to mark the historical weekend. While the Coronation itself is on Saturday, on Friday The King will be hosting a lunch for the Realm Governors-General and Prime Ministers. In the evening, there will be a reception for the Foreign Royals and overseas guests who will be in London to attend the Coronation. To mark the Sunday Big lunch after the Coronation, The Royals will be visiting various venues where the lunches will be hosted: the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh in Cranleigh, Princess Royal and Sir Timothy Laurence in Swindon, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie in Windsor. The Prince and Princess of Wales’s schedule is still under wrap but they will be visiting Dog & Duck Pub in Soho tomorrow to see the Coronation preparations.

beneath the glow of London’s streetlamps, 4,000 sailors, soldiers and aviators paraded through the empty streets of the Capital as they mounted their final full-scale rehearsal of the Coronation processions ahead of 6 May
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I first time saw Buckingham Palace ahead of the coronation in 2023

While the Royal Family was attending the rehearsals, I was visiting Buckingham Palace for the first time in my life. I  landed in London last night and after visiting Kensington Palace gardens in the evening, called it a night. The time I spent outside Buckingham Palace was worth it and I was able to capture the arrival of King Charles III at the Palace after the rehearsals. Last night there was a security incident at Buckingham Palace when a man threw a suspected Cartridge towards Buckingham Palace grounds. The incident caused the closure of the nearby roads surrounding Buckingham Palace. But everything was back to normal in the early morning.


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Now to the details of the rehearsal – The Prince and Princess of Wales were seen at the rehearsals with a familiar face, Jamie Lowther Pinkerton. Jamie played a huge role in the young Prince, William and Harry’s lives. It was Jamie who guided Catherine Middleton into the Royal world during her dating and engagement period. Jamie’s son was one of the page boys at the wedding of William and Catherine in April 2011. It seems Jamie has been once again called upon to guide the young Wales family for the historic event.

What The Princess of Wales wore to Coronation Rehearsals

L.K. Bennett Mortimer Black and White Fruity Floral Print Dress
L.K. Bennett Mortimer Black and White Fruity Floral Print Dress

The Princess of Wales wore L.K. Bennett Mortimer Black and White Fruity Floral Print Dress. Thanks to Innominate for the id. As there were not many pictures of the event, There are no details of how Catherine accessorized the outfit.

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