Princess Leonor of Spain 18th Birthday Celebration Plan

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The Princess of Asturias, Leonor, will swear to the Constitution on her 18th birthday

Princess Leonor of Spain is turning 18 on October 31st this year. Reaching the age of majority is a big milestone for each teenager but it has a huge significant when it comes to Royal Heir reaching that age. We have been waiting for CasaReal to confirm the plans for Leonor’s big day and today finally we have some news thanks to lovely Núria Tiburcio – The Spanish Royal Journalist.

Princess Leonor's Swearing-in Cermeony 'Oath to Constitution' will be held on her 18th birthday

The Royal House has confirmed that Princess of Asturias’ swearing-in ceremony will be held on her birthday in the presence of the Congress and Senate in a plenary session. The Heir or Heiress is required to take an ‘Oath to the Constitution’ which makes them obligated to uphold the values of the country’s constitution.

“The oath of the Prince or Princess of Asturias before the Cortes is a solemn act established in Article 61.2 of the Constitution. During the ceremony, Leonor will swear to respect the Constitution, the laws, and the rights of the citizens and the autonomous communities, as well as to show loyalty to the King. This act has historical relevance and is part of the Spanish tradition of presenting the heir to the Crown before the old Estates Courts.”

A meeting was held by the President of the Congress with the Government, President of the Senate and The Royal Household to draw the plans for the official birthday celebrations.

Princess of Asturias Leonor will be swearing to the Spanish Constitution on her 18th birthday

After the Oath, The Princess of Asturias will receive the ‘Collar of the Order of Charles III’ at the Royal Palace. The event will be attended by the Government officials. The day will conclude with a private family celebration which will take place at the Palace of El Pardo and will be attended by the Spanish Royal Family members and Ortiz Family members.


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