The Princess of Wales attended Shaping Us National Symposium reception

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Andrew Parsons// Kensington Palace

Catherine, The Princess of Wales, attended the Shaping Us National Symposium reception ahead of the first Symposium at the Design Museum in London. Shaping Us was launched by The Princess of Wales in February this year and aims to raise awareness of the critical importance of early childhood in shaping the adults we become.


Early years have been the primary focus of Princess Kate’s public role. For more than a decade, Catherine has been working with many organizations to bring the importance of early years to the forefront. A child’s brain develop at a rapid speed in the first 5 years and it shapes the future a child will have as an adult.  Various researches and discussions conducted by the Royal Centre for Early Childhood and its partners have proved it again and again that many adult issues i.e. addiction, violence usually have their roots in childhood.

Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

Catherine and The Royal Center will be holding the Symposium on Wednesday November 15. The event will bring together cross-disciplinary leaders, child and adult specialists, and global thinkers for the first time to consider how we grow, think, and behave throughout life, in order to build resilience for the future. The day will also feature talks from a range of thought leaders to outline the scientific, economic and human cases for prioritizing early childhood, and our social and emotional development.


The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood has conducted a first of its kind global listening exercise, involving experts from 21 countries around the world, to unite the thinking and agree on the key foundational skills we lay in early childhood, but continue to grow beyond it, that help establish happy, healthy adult lives.

Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

The Princess of Wales will be giving a keynote speech at the symposium and answer why does the field interests her so much. Ahead of the symposium  Catherine met with the key stakeholders at a reception.

Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

What The Princess of Wales wore to Shaping Us National Symposium reception

Kate Middleton wore a Roland Mouret suit with Holland Cooper Body Suit and Shyla London at the Shaping Us National Symposium Reception. More details on Regalfille.
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace
  • Roland Mouret Cady Blazer and Axon Trousers – (Repeat – Debuted December 2022)
  • Holland Cooper Shirt Bodysuit – (Repeat – Debuted January 2021)
  • Shyla London Chunky Knot Baroque Pearl Earrings – (Repeat – Debuted November 2022)


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