The Princess of Wales visited Dadvengers in London

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Kate Middleton Makes First Appearance Since Kids' School Break at Special Community for Dads
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

The Princess of Wales, Catherine, was back to Royal Duties today after autumn school break. It’s been reported that the Wales family spent the quality time at the Anmer Hall. As her first engagement of the month, The Princess of Wales visited a London Based Community – Dadvengers. Dadvengers highlights the role of Fathers in children’s lives. The visit was part of Catherine’s Shaping Us project that was launched earlier this year to promote the importance of first five years of child’s life.

Princess Kate joined a meeting of the "Dadvengers," a community for fathers and their children in Arnos Grove
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

About the visit Kensington Palace said, “Fathers, like any other caregivers, play a vital role in the social and emotional development of a child. However, the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood annual public perception survey, which was published earlier this year, found that men are significantly less aware than women of the extraordinary impact of the first five years of a child’s life”


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Princess Kate joined a Dad Walk through a local park and heard about the support the Dadvengers give each other.
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

From Vanity Fair’s report, “As part of her Shaping Us initiative, which stresses the importance of early childhood, the Duchess of Wales joined some members of the group on what they’ve dubbed a “Dad Walk” in London. The group offers members a chance to support one another, and while activity is primarily online, in-person meetups like the Dad Walks allow members to get to know one another and lend support in a casual setting. Middleton posed for photos and chatted with the members and children at the event.”

Princess Kate meets with 'Dadvengers' as she highlights important role of fathers
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

From Hello! Magazine’s report, “Kate joined the Arnos Grove Dadvengers group at the Arnos Arms pub, where they chatted about the role fathers play in a child’s development, including in the months before they are even born and the earliest weeks and months of their lives. As the royal joined fathers and their little ones around the table, she said: “I think the thing is raising the importance of family time and the role dads are playing in raising kids. Through what you guys are doing the kids are seeing the importance of socialising and getting together.”

Kate Middleton joined a community group of fathers known as the “Dadvengers” in London’s Arnos Grove
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

Dadvengers is a community interest company that inspires and champions fathers throughout their journey of parenthood. Inspired by the experiences and challenges of founding director Nigel Clarke, who has faced many of the stigmas that are present in modern day fatherhood. Driven by his determination to ensure that fathers were not alone in their efforts to reach their potential as role models in their children’s lives, Nigel brought together a dynamic team to form the first series of online Dad Chats and face to face Dad Walks in his local community.

The Princess of Wales wanted to highlight the important role that dads play in their children's earliest years, as part of her Shaping Us campaign on early childhood
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

Continuing from Hello! reprot, “As the children played in the playground, Kate was seen crouching down to speak with one little girl, who was wearing a floral raincoat and wellington boots. “I love your stripy tights,” the Princess told the youngster, “I should have worn my stripy tights.”

Princess Kate also visited The Arnos Arms pub today to hear more about men's experiences.
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

Dadvengers founder Nigel, who is also known for his work on The Baby Club on the BBC’s CBeebies said, “Fathers have a hugely significant role to play in their children’s lives, right from the start. Even before their baby is born, fathers can get involved and Dadvengers is on a mission to support  them to do that in ways that work for them. We provide them with information and advice to help look after their own wellbeing, while  also supporting them to build the nurturing relationships and surroundings we know are so  important in the very earliest years of their children’s lives. It’s what Dadvengers is all about.”

The Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, wore a Barbour x Alexa Chung Edith Jacket, Erdem Lotus sweater, MOTHER Dazzler mid-rise jeans, Reiss Thea style and Daniella Draper Cupid hoops to visit Dadvengers. More details on Regalfille
Andrew Parsons//Kensington Palace

What The Princess of Wales wore to visit Dadvengers

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Tomorrow, The Princess of Wales will join her husband, Prince William, for one day visit to Scotland where they will be visiting Morey to learn about the local communities.

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