The Princess of Wales’ Handbags

Kate Middleton, The Princess of Wales , is admired for her fashion choices, including her collection of handbags. Her bag collection features a variety of designer labels, including British brands like Mulberry and Alexander McQueen, as well as other high-end designers like Chanel. Middleton’s choice of handbags often complements her outfits and reflects her classic and refined style. From clutch bags for formal events to more practical totes for everyday use, her collection showcases her ability to effortlessly blend fashion and functionality, making her a fashion inspiration for many.

On this page, RegalFille has documented all the dresses Kate has worn since her engagement announcement to Prince William in November 2011. You can find out more about Kate Style and her wardrobe here.  Click on the dress image to find the details. If I have missed any dress then please let me know via comments.

Clutch Bags











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