Children’s Princess – The Duchess of Cambridge is Making a Difference in Her Own Silent Way

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The Duchess of Cambridge became the royal patron of the Royal Photographic Society
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What do you like the most about The Duchess of Cambridge? The answer will be her elegant and approachable familiar style and her compassionate and feminine personality that is making a big difference in many lives without making any noise.

Duchess of Cambridge in Blue Peter
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The Duchess of Cambridge, who has made Early year intervention, mental health and family and care support her main focus of public life, is doing her work with passion to make the slightest difference that she can make – as she said in her engagement interview almost 9 years ago.

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It is not a silent difference, the early years of a kid’s life are defining years. A safe and secure childhood with a loving family is the foundation of great lives. The Duchess of Cambridge, coming from a close-knit family, understands the importance of a loving and caring family home. Along with her husband Prince William, she is doing her best to give the same safe and full of love upbringing to her own kids that she had as a child. Talking about his wife, once Prince William said,

“I’m very lucky in the support I have from Catherine. She is an amazing mother and a fantastic wife.”

Prince Louis made his debut appearance at Trooping the Colour with Duke and duchess of cambridge
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And The Duchess of Cambridge is determined to make sure that every child in the UK gets that safe upbringing too. Whether it is her patronages, her Back to Nature Garden or her support to Backyard Nature, her every step is focused on the next generation of Great Britain.

Duchess of Cambridge visited Gilwell Park to meet Scouts
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Prof Peter Fonagy, the CEO of Anna Freud Centre, a Patronage of Catherine, said, “The Duchess of Cambridge has done more to turn the tide of stigma around mental health than any other single individual that I could name. To the millions of children who have been suffering in silence, she is their voice.

Duchess of Cambridge at Henry Fawcett Childre Centre
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It is true on so many levels. The Duchess uses her position to put the limelight on an issue that was considered taboo otherwise. No one was talking about early years’ importance, child and parent mental health this openly at such a high profile platform. She talked about her own experiences and the difficulties she faced as a new Mother, postpartum depression. She has started the conversation and brought the issue onto the centre of the stage, from here it will only go up and beyond. She is truly turning into Children’s Princess. As People Magazine’s September 2019 cover said, ” The Mom Who Will  Be Queen“.


Kensington Palace released the result of BBC's Blue Peter Pan competition launched by the duchess of cambridge
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Yesterday, Kensington Palace released the result of a competition held by BBC’s Children Show Blue Peter Pan.

In June this year, The Duchess collaborated with Blue Peter to launch a special competition that asked viewers to design a sculpture that went into the Duchess’s Back to Nature garden at RHS Wisley last week. The winner’s name is Jessica.

Jessica’s beautiful winning sculpture is made of wood and recycled metal, wowing the judges with its stunning butterfly wings, covered in clematis flowers. Lucy and Megan, who designed beautiful tin can herbs and den building activity cards were the runner-ups.

Kensington Palace released the result of BBC's Blue Peter Pan competition launched by the duchess of cambridge
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The Duchess of Cambridge joined Ben from the RHS and George Hassall in the judging panel to pick out the winning entry. In this picture, Catherine is wearing L.K. Bennett Silk Madison Dress that she first wore in July this year when Prince Louis of Cambridge Made his Polo Debut.

Catherine made her second appearance on Blue Peter in yesterday’s show to unveil the sculpture along with Jessica and Ben. The clip was shot on the same day when The Duchess visited her Back to Nature garden at RHS Wisley last week.

The Duchess of Cambridge, a country girl at heart, has been a long-standing advocate of physical and mental benefits of spending time outdoors with family, and the positive impact that nature and the environment can have on childhood development. During her first appearance, The Duchess talked to the show presenter Lindsey Russell about her love for the spending time outside and its benefits. When Russell asked The Duchess whether getting outside with her family is something she does a lot, Catherine replied laughingly,

Yes, “rain or shine” they get “dragged outside. But it’s great, and I see it encourage creativity, confidence. Even a short amount of time 10 to 15 minutes outside makes a huge difference I think to both physical well-being but also to our mental well-being.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit Pakistan in October
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In other news, Kensington Palace today announced the dates of the upcoming Royal visit to Pakistan. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be visiting Pakistan from October 14 to October 18. Details of the visit will be announced in due course.

Ahead of the visit, William and Catherine will attend a special event at the Aga Khan Centre on 2nd October, hosted by His Highness The Aga Khan. Organised in cooperation with the High Commission of Pakistan, the event will showcase modern Pakistani culture.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit Pakistan in October

It looks like Catherine is really busy behind the scene too. Today Gertsroyals noted two Court Circular entries stating that Catherine as Joint Patron of the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, this morning received Mr Jason Knauf (Chief Executive) and afterwards held an Early Years Meeting.

The Royal Foundation of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
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Last month, the foundation name and structure was changed. Gertsroyals shared this picture of the company document on Twitter.

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