Queen Letizia debuted another chic and economically stylish Look


Queen Letizia presided over the working meeting “The inclusion of disability in the media” at the Headquarters of the Servimedia News Agency in Madrid.


Letizia arriving at the Headquarters of the Servimedia News Agency. The Servimedia News Agency was established in 1989.


Before the meeting, Letizia visited one of the training rooms. This year marked Servimedia’s 30th anniversary.


The Agency is part of the ONCE Social Group -composed by ONCE, its Foundation and ILUNION aim to generate stable employment for people with disabilities. An essential element is to spread the message of a society with equal opportunities. More than 40% of journalists who integrate their writing have some type of disability.


After the meeting, Queen visited the newsroom and signed the book of honour and held a meeting with members of the Board of Directors and Servimedia workers. In 2014, Letizia’s Mother-in-Law, Queen Sofia presided over the Agency’s 25th-anniversary meeting. It is good to see Letizia carrying the legacy of her Mother-in-Law.

A video of the day.


For the day, Queen Letizia debuted another economically stylish look. She was wearing Poète Omega Skirt and Galaxy top.  Thanks to Nuria and UfoNoMore for the id.

Queen Letizia wore Poète Galaxy Top in Black
Poète Galaxy Top
Queen Letizia wore Poète Omega Skirt in Black
Poète Omega Skirt

The blacktop features a lace neckline with two thin straps and was sold online for €12. The matching skirt has a pleated silhouette and was sold for £17.90. Both pieces feature contrasting white stars on them. They are not available any more.

arolina Herrera white lapel coat
Carolina Herrera white lapel coat/CasaReal

Letizia topped the outfit with Carolina Herrera white lapel coat that we first saw in February 2018. Shown here from her last year visit.

Carolina Herrera Suede Pumps
Carolina Herrera Suede Pumps

Queen was wearing her black Carolina Herrera slingback pumps that she also has in red, blue and beige.

Magrit Black and White Leather Clutch
Magrit Black and White Leather Clutch

Letizia carried a monochrome Magrit Leather Clutch also seen in November 2018.

Queen Letizia Chanel Comète Earrings
Chanel Comète Earrings

Her Chanel star earrings and

Queen Letizia wore Karen Hallam Ring

Karen Hallem ring finished the look.

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