Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Conversation with BBC Breakfast Club

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge talked to the BBC Breakfast Club

Amid the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are trying to support the initiatives of mental health organisations and are cheering up the people around them. Today doing their bit, the couple had a conversation with the BBC Breakfast Club from their country home Anmer Hall – where they are staying with their three kids.

Talking about the Coronavirus, the royal couple encouraged people to communicate using online tools and praised the work of NHS Every Mind Matters. The couple talked about the “ever-increasing need” for people to know where to access help and support. William said, “Staying connected, staying positive and being able to talk to friends and family is so crucial.” Duchess said, ” What we’re seeing now is the NHS and the frontline workers doing the most extraordinary job. And that’s really come to the forefront in the last few weeks. It’s going to dramatically change how we all value and see our frontline workers. That is one of the main positives you can take from this. While that’s hugely important we mustn’t forget our mental well-being as well and making sure you’re reaching out to those people around you that you have access to – even if it’s over the phone or online to really make sure you have those conversations.” William added, “I really hope at the end of this we are a bigger global community than we’ve been before.”

Talking about kids, Catherine joked about the home-schooling, “We don’t tell the children we’ve actually kept going through the holidays. I feel very mean,”. She said, “It’s been ups and downs probably like lots of families. George is much older than Louis but they are aware. You don’t want to scare them and make it too overwhelming, I think it is important to acknowledge it in age-appropriate ways. The children have got such stamina, I don’t know how, honestly. You get to the end of the day, you write down a list of all the things you’ve done in the day. You sort of pitch a tent, you take the tent down again, cook, bake, you get to the end of the day. They’ve had a lovely time but it is amazing how much they can cram into one day”.

William also talked about his Father Prince Charles who suffered from Coronavirus and his grandparents. From the BBC,

“I have to admit, at first I was quite concerned, he fits the profile of somebody, at the age he is at, which is fairly risky,” said Prince William. But he said his father had experienced many chest infections and colds, so he felt optimistic Prince Charles would recover.

He also said he worried about his grandparents – the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh – but they were doing everything they could to ensure they were protected and isolated.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge talked about Captain Tom Moorey
Captain Tom Moor

Duke of Cambridge also talked about the legend Captain Tom Moore  – The highly inspiring Second World War Veteran. Captain Moore originally pledged to raise £1,000 for the fight against the virus by walking lengths of his family garden ahead of his 100th birthday by the end of this month. But the efforts of this 99 years old war-veteran touched the hearts of millions of Brits who showered his campaign with donations and Captain Moore raised more than £18 million. Both William and Duchess of Cornwall have written him a latter and I believe we might see his name in the list of knighthoods soon. Speaking about him during the conversation Prince William called him “an absolute legend”. The Duke said, “It’s incredible, I did see it on the news the other night and I thought, good on him. It’s amazing and what I love also is that he’s a 99-year-old war vet who’s been around a long time, knows everything, and it’s wonderful that everyone kind of has been inspired by his story and his determination. He is one man fundraising machine.”

When BBC send William’s message to Captain Moore, he was delighted and called William his ” super prince”. Read more about Captain Moore here. Palace also shared some simple tips & advice provided to us to help:

1. Daily routines & set yourself goals – even small ones can help with structure

2. Look after your body; try to eat healthy, drink water & exercise regularly

3. Try maintain a regular sleeping pattern

4. Do things you enjoy or try learning something new

5. Stay connected with friends & family via telephone & video calls, or social media

6. Talk about your worries with someone you trust, or try a helpline

7. Acknowledge difficult feelings and try and manage unhelpful thoughts

8. Try and find time to relax, and try simple relaxation techniques

9. Keep your mind active. Read, write, play games, do crossword puzzles, drawing, cooking and painting.

Kate with King's Cup
The King’s Cup Website

For the video Conference, Duchess of Cambridge was wearing her Arket Breton Top that she first wore in May 2019 when she and William launched the inaugural regatta The King’s Cup. It was probably the first time when I would say her hair was not perfectly combed. But with tired eyes, she was looking every bit a mother of three young kids who are full of life and energy.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Round TAble Conference
Shout UK

Last week,  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took part in a roundtable call with Shout UK CEO Victoria Hornby and other experts from mental health charities  – Place2Be, Action on Addiction, Anna Freud Centre, Best Beginnings, and others to discuss the issues arising as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the sector’s response. Highlighting the importance of encouraging people to seek help, Victoria said, “I think it’s really important to put out messages saying that we do want to hear from those facing mental health challenges and that they deserve the support they would require at any other time.” Graham Beech from Action on Addiction said, “The round-table was a crucial discussion. We are concerned by what we are hearing daily about the many adults, children and families whose lives are already severely affected by addiction and who are now struggling even more with the physical and social restrictions of the coronavirus lockdown.”

The Duchess of Cambridge send A lovely, uplifting message to all our staff and volunteers of EACH
Action on Addiction

The Duchess also send a letter of support to her patronage Action on Addiction.

The Royal Couple have also narrated the new video for NHS Every Mind Matters entitled ‘Now, More Than Ever’ that has the backdrop of James Bay’s lovely song ‘Hold Back the River‘. The video will be broadcast on all national television stations next Monday. The couple said, “All over the country people are staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives. It’s not always easy. We can feel frustrated, miss loved ones or get anxious. So now, more than ever, Every Mind Matters. There are things we can all do to look after our mental well-being at this time. Every Mind Matters can help get you started with your NHS online plan.”

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