Does Catherine, The Princess of Wales, have a Tattoo?

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The Prince and Princess of Wales attended the Jordan Royal Wedding

Does The Princess of Wales, Catherine (Kate Middleton), has a tattoo on her body ? Answer is No. Kate does not have any permanent ink covering her skin. In 2018, Kate let an artist during a visit to new artist’s residence in Sunderland draw a small Henna art on her right hand but that was the extent of body painting we saw the Princess of Wales supporting. Henna tattoo fades after a few days. It’s painless and quite soothing for the skin. Henna is part of many wedding and other celebration traditions in the South-east Asia and Arab countries.

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Catherine is an artistic person but much like many other Royals, she is not a big fan of using her body as a canvas to represent the feelings. There used to be rumours that Prince William wanted to get a large tattoo while he was dating his now wife in the mid 2000s. Something like English Football legend David Beckham has but never got one as Kate Middleton is not a huge fan of body art.

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Despite many media reports, there is no Royal protocol that forbids the members of the Royal family from having a body art. It’s a matter of personal choice. In fact, body ink has a rich history in the monarchy in the past. In recent years, Princess Eugenie of York got a small tattoo behind her left ear. It was first spotted at the 2022 Thanksgiving service for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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