King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain held a meeting with Pharmacists and Psychologists Presidents

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King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain Working from Hom

Today, King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain attended another series of virtual meetings and telephonic conversations. In the Morning, Felipe and Letizia had a virtual meeting through a videoconference with the President of the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmacists.

Felipe and Letizia held virtual meetings

The association has 74,000 registered pharmacists, of whom 7 out of 10 are women. Among other forms of professional practice, about 2,000 work in hospitals, around 900 in public health and primary care, more than 1,300 in industry and innovation, about 900 in the distribution sector, in addition to those who provide its service in the Fundamental Specialty of Pharmacy of the Military Health Corps.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia in virtual meeting

54,000 pharmacists work in the network of 22,102 community pharmacies in Spain. A network that is the largest in Europe, through which 2.3 million citizens pass every day and that generates a total of 210,000 jobs between direct and indirect. More than 60% of community pharmacies are located outside the provincial capitals, and 2,000 are in towns with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants. In addition, 1,500 municipalities have a single pharmacy office.

Felipe and Letizia in meeting with the president of the Psychologists associations2

Next, Felipe and Letizia had a virtual meeting with The President of the General Council of Psychologists of Spain who explained the participation of professional psychology in a health crisis, both for the psychological care of those affected by COVID -19 and their families, as well as the professionals of the essential services, as well as the psychological care of the general population confined to their homes.

Felipe and Letizia at Felipe's office in Madrid

The performance of psychologists, both on the front line in care centres and in organizations or consultations available to individuals, is being vital in this period of pandemic and confinement. The General Council of Official Schools of Psychologists is the coordinating and representative body of the Official Schools of Psychologists and of the Autonomous Councils in Spain. It brings together more than 76,000 professionals in Psychology and is made up of the 23 Official Colleges of Psychologists, at the regional level.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia's work from home routine continues

Faced with the pandemic, psychology professionals have been one of the sectors dedicated to collaborating with the authorities to support Spanish society, giving due importance to their psychological care. They explain that feeling anxiety, nervousness, agitation, sadness or anger, among other emotions, is normal when one faces situations as extreme as the current one. Experts acknowledge that these sensations can be frightening, although they insist that these are normal reactions to unusual or exceptional situations, and highlight that facing extreme levels of uncertainty and stress affects both the relatives of patients and those who died from COVID-19, as well as to essential services personnel (health, security forces and bodies, those responsible for administrations, emergency units, etc.

Then Felipe and Letizia had a Telephone conversation with the Spanish Association of Funeral Service Professionals (AESPROF).

Queen Letizia of Spain wore BOSS 'Koralena' Structured Tweed Jacket.
BOSS ‘Koralena’ Structured Tweed Jacket.

For the day, Queen Letizia wore BOSS ‘Koralena’ Structured Tweed Jacket that she also wore last Wednesday. She paired it with black trousers and black ballet flats.


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Queen Letizia of Spain wore Karen Hallam ring

Karen Hallam ring finished the look.

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