Felipe and Letizia of Spain visited Agrarian Transformation Society

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Today, King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain visited Agrarian Transformation Society in Madrid. The visit was to support agricultural work and the strategic importance of the primary sector of the Agrarian Transformation Society “Vega de San Martín” in the Community of Madrid.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain are supporting the Agrarian Transformation Society

Since the outbreak of the COVID19, Felipe and Letizia have been in constant contact with the various organization to stay updated about the food chain network in and around Spain through video conferences and video calls and learnt the impact of the pandemic on this network. Last week the couple visited MERCAMADRID.

Queen Letizia made another public appearance during coronavirus

The Agrarian Transformation Society has been running for 30 years as part of the family business of agriculture and livestock, originating in Cuenca. Currently, the 5th generation of the family is running the society, who is practising sustainable agriculture, with direct sowing and crop rotation, with a vocation for making healthy products.

King Felipe and Queen Letizia undertook another public visit amid coronavirus

They maintain a strict sanitary and production control, avoiding super animal exploitation. They currently export to 9 countries: Italy, Greece, Romania, Morocco, Equatorial Guinea, Iran and Qatar, and other countries such as Russia and Azerbaijan will immediately join. During the visit, Felipe and Letizia have introduced the whole process of farming and breeding.

Felipe and Letizia visited the Vega de San Martín Agrarian Transformation Society

King Felipe and Queen Letizia visited the farmland, the grain warehouses, stables and factory as well the housing areas where the people who work in the agricultural and livestock farm reside.

A video of the visit.

Queen Letizia of Spain in Boss Sweater and black trouser

For the visit, Queen Letizia brought back her BOSS ‘Ferie’ short-sleeved sweater that she first wore in January 2019 for a Palace Audience.

BOSS 'Ferie' short-sleeved sweater
BOSS ‘Ferie’ short-sleeved sweater

Underneath the sweater, Letizia wore a white top. Queen paired it with black ankle-length trousers.

Queen Letizia wore Hugo Boss leather trainers with pumped-up outsole
Hugo Boss leather trainers with a pumped-up outsole

Update: Queen Letizia premiered a new pair of trainers during the visit. She was wearing Boss Leather trainers with a pumped-up outsole. Thanks to Queen Letizia Style blog for the id. The pumps are available in white colour on the official store but the black is not available anymore.  And she did not forget her Karen Hallam ring at the vanity table.

Queen Letizia Karen Hallam Ring

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