The Princess of Wales opened BBC ‘Children in Need’ 2023

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Kate Middleton opens BBC Children in Need with impassioned speech
Kensington Palace

Catherine, The Princess of Wales, opened the BBC’s annual ‘Children in Need‘ television appeal. Appearing at the opening of the charity event, Princess Kate talked about the importance of children’s happiness and future. Since it beginning in 1980, the charity event has raised over £1 billion for disadvantaged youth in the United Kingdom.

The event timing coincided with The Princess of Wales’ first national symposium on Shaping Us – a life long campaign to raise awareness about the importance of first five year of a child’s life. Speaking in the video message of the fundraiser, Kate said,

“Hello everyone!! I am delighted that Children in need have invited me to open this evening’s show. Tonight is all about helping to support, champion and empower all children, to be the very best they can be, which is crucial for their future health and happiness. Our relationships, surroundings and experiences during the earliest years lay the foundations that shape the rest of our lives.

And yet sadly, we know that for too many people, stressful and traumatic situations in early childhood can cause harm and it can take many years to overcome. It is vital, therefore, that we nurture every childhood and why the sorts of projects supported by Children in Need are so important.  They help the very youngest, most vulnerable members of our society feel safe, secure and loved in these important, formative years, so that they can enjoy their childhoods now, and grow to reach their potential and thrive in the world in later life.

I hope you enjoy this evening’s show and best of luck to all those taking part in challenges and the incredible fundraising effort!”

One of the highlights is an annual telethon, held in November and televised on BBC One and BBC Two. Pudsey Bear has been BBC Children in Need’s mascot since 1985, whilst Sir Terry Wogan was its long-standing host for 35 years. A prominent annual event in British television, Children in Need is one of two high-profile British telethons. It is the only charity belonging to the BBC

What Kate Middleton wore to BBC Children in Need fundraising Appeal video

Kate Middleton wore a Lisou Betty Blue Rainbow Print Silk Shirt and Anderson Leather Belt at the opening of the BBC ‘Children in Need’ television appeal. More details on Kate Middleton’s life on RealFille.
Kensington Palace

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