Queen Letizia attended the digital State Platform for People Presentation

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Queen Letizia attended the digital State Platform for People Presentation

Queen Letizia of Spain participated in the presentation ceremony of the State Platform for People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities, under the title “The Power of the People” via an online call. The event was held in Toledo.


The platform was launched by Plena Inclusion that aims to ensure that each person with an intellectual or developmental disability and their family can develop their quality of life project and promoting their inclusion as a full-fledged citizen in a just and caring society.

Plena Inclusion is a Confederation and associative movement that fights in Spain for the rights of people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families, which represents coordinates, and supports a group of organizations that each work in their autonomous community.

Speaking at the event, The Queen said, “This Platform will ensure that you can unite common interests to improve different life situations. Because each of you is important. And I also like the responsibility that you demonstrate in how you present yourself: you want this platform to be a meeting place to claim, but also to contribute and be part of the society to which you belong with all the consequences and all the necessary help. It is a great change of outlook necessary and aligned with a human rights approach”.

Queen Letizia was wearing Sandro Scarf Print Midi Dress
Sandro Scarf Print Midi Dress

Letizia was wearing her green Long Dress with Scarf Print that we first saw in December 2018 at the International Congress with gold hoops and Karen Hallam ring.

Queen Letizia wore Karen Hallam Signature Ring
Karen Hallam Signature Ring


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