Prince William and Princess Charlotte wished Lionesses Best

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Prince William and Princess Charlotte wished Lionesses Best
Prince William and Princess Charlotte wished Lionesses Best

Prince William, The Prince of Wales, along with his daughter Princess Charlotte, wished the England Women’s Football team ‘Lionesses‘ good luck ahead of tomorrow’s FIFA Women’s World Cup final against Spanish Women’ Football team ‘SEFutbolFem‘. Both teams are making history by reaching the final this year. After 1966, this is the first time when the English team has reached the football world cup final.


Sharing a video  message on Kensington Palace’s Social media, Prince William said,”Lioness want to send you a Huge Good luck for tomorrow. We’re sorry we can’t be there in person. But we’re so proud of everything you’ve achieved and the millions you’ve inspired here and around the world. So go out there Tomorrow and really enjoy yourselves.” Then Princess Charlotte concluded the message with “Good Luck Lionesses“!

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The Prince of Wales is the president of Football Association. So since the English team has jumped the semi-final window, there has been a hot discussion going on through out the social media whether William should be attending the match in person or not. The Prince of Wales has decided not to and met the Lionesses before the left the country in person to wish them the best.

With the lack of Royal presence in the market due to the summer break the silly season is in its full swing. The Prince and Princess of Wales are currently spending the summer break with their three children a their Norfolk home at the Sandringham Estate. They will be heading to Balmoral sometime next week to join the Royal family before heading to their home in Berkshire ahead of the back to school season. The Media and a group of Royal watchers are criticizing William’s decision of not going to Sydney to support the team as the FA President. But at the same time there are others who are respecting the choice and logistics issue.

I believe this a two-side sword for William and whatever choice he makes he would be the one loosing the battle. The moment Lionesses reached final, majority of the media houses has two drafts ready for the silly headlines covering whatever choice The future King makes. If he goes he is damaging the environment for a 90 minutes match with 24 hours long one side flight. If he does not he is snubbing the women’s team while being the FA President. So he made a decision what makes more sense to him, staying home and supporting the team from England.

Another tactic issue here is the host country – Australia a realm for King Charles III where the republicanism is gaining its momentum. Since his coronation in May this year, The King has not visited the country yet. Planning a foreing Royal visit is a lengthy process and Palace and FCO are in talks about the King’s potential visit to Australia. Until the King has toured the country, it is not wise for William to go there and face the front line. He might be more popular than the King but Monarchy does not work on the basis of who is more popular.

Queen Letizia of Spain with her younger daughter Infanta Sofia will be in Sydney this weekend to support the Spanish team. That also put the oil to the fire. But here few facts needs to be considered.  Letizia is the Queen – wife of the head of the state while William is the heir to the Head of the State. Australia is not the realm of the Spanish King so for Letizia its a personal trip as much as representing the country on a foreign soil. William has a much complicated relationship with the host country that lose their chance to win the cup in a match against England – the team that William is being asked to cheer for while standing in the Australia Stadium in Sydney when he is the Future head of the state of Australia.

So in this situation, I support William’s choice to stay home and wish the Lionesses good luck.

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